Top 10 Makeup Brands for Women

Comments 11 October 2012

Finding the top 10 makeup brands is no easy feat. When it comes to makeup, one brand may have great shadows but may not have good mascaras. Some brands may have great foundations but not so thrilling lipstick. The bottom line is that all makeup brands have both strong and weak products.

Best Makeup Brands Today

We did not arrange the brands in any way but our top three best makeup brands are in the first five.There are other brands of makeup that we felt should have made it in our list but the trends don’t show it at the moment. Here’s our list of the best cosmetics brands today:

Maybelline New York Top 10 Makeup Brands for Women

The best makeup brand.

Maybelline New York

STRENGTHS: A lot of customers love almost all Maybelline products. Their line of mascaras and foundations has been highly rated by the very customers who patronize them. They have some pretty good blushes, concealers, and shadows.

WEAKNESS: Their lipliners are kind of disappointing. Their line of makeup removers don’t offer that much. They have some eyeshadow that have some loose powder.

MAC Cosmetics

STRENGTHS:MAC is one of the good makeup brands that almost anyone will recommend. They really have a good line of concealers and their foundations are no less than excellent. They even offer a very sumptuous line of lipstick in all the alluring shades.

WEAKNESS:A few MAC cosmetics products have high skin irritant levels. Some of their foundations also have very low sunscreen.

L’Oreal Paris

STRENGTHS: L’Oreal offers quite a complete line of makeup. Top it off with the fact that they are inexpensive. Their mascaras are also customer top picks.

WEAKNESS: A few of their foundations don’t have enough UVA protection.


STRENGTHS: This is the brand of choice for customers looking for good makeup that’s gentle on sensitive skin. Clinique offers redness solutions and sunscreens that have proven their excellence. Their entire foundation line is no less than impressive. Their products are known for reliable sun protection. Their blush products, concealers, and mascaras are usual favorites.

WEAKNESS: Their jar packaging is not top notch. Their recommended skin care routine may not be the best for people who are acne prone.

Urban Decay

STRENGTHS: A lot of accolades go the Urban Decay eye shadows and cheek tints. Their other products such as bronzing powders, mattifiers, and brow products don’t fall far behind.

WEAKNESS:Most customers rate their mascara line from poor to something roughly average. Some of their lip glosses are just disappointing.

Neutrogena Top 10 Makeup Brands for WomenNeutrogena

STRENGTHS:Neutrogena offers inexpensive products that are absolutely effective. The packaging is great and they even have a great line of fragrance free options.

WEAKNESS: Some of their eye shadows, lip balms, and concealers aren’t that good.


STRENGTHS:This is one brand that is widely available and absolutely inexpensive. Their best products include foundations, mascaras, concealers, lip color options, and eye liners.

WEAKNESS: Older foundations have poor SPF ratings.

Bobbi Brown

STRENGTHS:Products usually have ingredients to keep skin healthy. Kudos goes to their foundations, eye shadows, and blush options.

WEAKNESS: Jar packaging is not very impressive. Some fragrance components are not very appealing.


STRENGTHS:Another inexpensive and easy to find brand. Best products include lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, brow products, blushes, and eye liners.

WEAKNESS: Some products have low SPF ratings.


STRENGTHS:This brand offers some of the best foundations, lip glosses, eye shadows, bronzing products, eye liners, and mascaras.

WEAKNESS: Below standard lipstick line. Fragrances on some products are quite disappointing.

The Verdict

Mix and match from any of the top makeup brands and find the ones that work best for you.

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